Telemedicine, environment and health

What is tas

The Telemedicine Environment and Health project aims to leverage available ICT technologies to create tools that can reduce the need for patients to access services offered by the NHS. As part of this project, EtnaHitech designs an expert system for the interpretation of the habitual trajectories followed by one or more elderly/children within an enclosed or bounded environment for the assessment of spatio-temporal disorientation of target subjects for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's and the assessment of distress situations that may reveal a risk of Metabolic Syndrome in children. Implementation of a multisensory intelligent platform for indoor monitoring of users subject to mild cognitive decline to improve their quality of life and self-sufficiency.





Operational Plan

CAP - Action and Cohesion Plan




30 months

Total project value

6.3 MLN €

Total value for EHT

380 K €

EHT Research & Development Revenues

257 K €


EHT S.C.p.A.

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA

UPMC Italy S.r.l.

Xenia Progetti S.r.l.

Advanced Technology Solution S.r.l.

Science Park Sicily

National Research Council

University of Catania

University of Palermo

University of Messina

COMETA Consortium

Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute

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