An early warning system for cultural heritage.

What is eWAS

The project is focused on the aviation-security pair.
With eWAS it is intended to realize a model of an integrated Smart-wireless and ICT monitoring system capable of triggering warnings at different alert levels based on information derived from terrestrial and satellite sensors integrated with accurate assessments on construction-structural characteristics, vulnerabilities of the asset associated with different natural and environmental hazards. The data collected from continuous monitoring under operating conditions will enable real-time activation of automatic risk mitigation actions and systems also related to the degree of exposure of the asset. As a test-site, the historical center of the city of Catania and some archaeological areas in eastern Sicily whose tourist-cultural use is subject to exponential growth have been chosen.

What is proposed

EWAS aims to develop new technologies for the protection, preservation and security of historic-monumental buildings, museum properties, art objects and archaeological areas by contributing to strategic planning for better prevention and management of Cultural Heritage.




Cultural Heritage

Operational Plan

Decree 1735 - NRP 2015-2020




30 months

Total project value

4 MLN €

Total value for EHT

600 K €

EHT Research & Development Revenues

300 K €


National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology

L&R Laboratories and Research Ltd.

University of Catania

Kore University of Enna

Meridionale Impianti SpA


TME Ltd.

COLNISA Construction Ltd.


Municipality of Catania

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