Igniting the future together,
creating innovation, every day.

EHT is a group of IT companies, which operates in the area of public and private procurement
and that promotes research and development, in various application areas and with multiple projects


The model adopted is that of aggregation, a network model that develops innovation ecosystems based on characteristics well defined: enhancement of the identities of network participants, dynamism and flexibility, operational agility.


It represents the heart of our model.
It is our DNA. There is no EHT without innovation.
For us, innovation is a lever of development, a tool for growth, reference model.

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It represents the key to understanding.
The horizon toward which to aim with innovation.
The "aggregative" model itself is a sustainable model

is a joint stock consortium company

A group of 79 companies and 49 investing partners.

It is an aggregator of innovative SMEs of national interest, a landmark reference for the country's digitization process. Each of the group companies is an active part of the change and contributes to our story of success.
EHT can operate as a stable consortium of companies for participation in public contracts (Art. 45 paragraph 2 letter c, Legislative Decree 50/2016 so-called Code of contracts), taking on the role of general contractor for contracts in the public and private sectors.


Group factories



Employees of consortium members

Consortium Locations

+419 MLN

Aggregate Turnover

The Network

It is in the mission of EHT to pursue the dimensional growth of business aggregation, in terms of aggregate turnover, number of employees, number and spread of operating locations, and specific expertise in application areas and technologies.

It pursues the paradigm of growth (of production capacity) by aggregation (of SMEs). The aggregate turnover achieved today (419 million euros) places the EHT "group" in the top 15 companies operating in ICT in Italy.

Group factories

The real strength of EHT is the group, the synergy, the ensemble work of 79 companies
cooperating, pursuing the same goals.