An early warning system for cultural heritage.

What is genesis

The project intends to develop a computer platform, "GENESIS", capable of collecting information on the heritage of historical and cultural interest by processing it at increasing scales of accuracy; from the historic center to that of individual artifacts allowing the execution of multiple analyses, to proceed with the analysis at the territorial scale, in which the simulation of damage scenarios useful for the management of emergency situations, to the analysis at the urban scale, in which the planning of interventions to reduce seismic risk is implemented; from the scale of individual buildings, the development of structural behavior models for the assessment of static safety and seismic vulnerability as well as interventions that may be necessary according to the previous analysis.

What is proposed

The proposal aims to provide valuable support for the safe and informed protection and enjoyment of cultural heritage through knowledge of its history and characteristics, in-depth study and improvement of the ways in which it is used, and the establishment of innovative forms of management.




Cultural Heritage

Operational Plan

Decree 1735 - NRP 2015-2020




30 months

Total project value

8.8 MLN €

Total value for EHT

700 K €

EHT Research & Development Revenues

350 K €


University of Studies G.D'Annunzio Chieti/Pescara

University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

University of L'Aquila

University of Basilicata

Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria

Kore University of Enna

IUAV University of Venice

University of Bergamo

University of Pisa

Tab Consulting Ltd.

Asdea Srl

Zugaro Guido and C.

Targhet Euro Srl

Kibernetes Ltd.


Pro.Ge.77 Ltd.

Sisia Srl

Boviar Srl

CIPAE Consortium of provincial handicraft enterprises Ennese

BASF CC Italy spa

Telenia Ltd.


Fibre Net Ltd.

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