NOTICE 18/2017

Description and Information Notice

Educational offerings for people with disabilities

Training aimed at activating them and strengthening their employability.

Professional courses in safety

EHT resumes face-to-face classes with all necessary protection and safety measures against Covid-19.

Direct report

EHT focuses on face-to-face contact with trainees in the training course.

Consistent with the strategy of the Sicilian Region's 2014-20 ESF Operational Program (OP ESF), this Public Notice aims to support, throughout the region, a training offer aimed at people with disabilities aimed at activating them and strengthening their employability.

Restart of safety training courses

Following the suspension on 03/15/2020 of all training activities in the region due to Covid-19, Etna Hitech is pleased to announce the resumption of face-to-face classes of the courses "Digital Publishing Operator" and "Computer Operator on Network Devices" at the headquarters of Africa Avenue no 31 (CT).

The resumption of classes was authorized by Order 22 of 02.06.2020 of the President of the Sicilian Region. To ensure maximum safety, both of staff and pupils, prevention and protection measures have been taken for the COVID-19 emergency such as: the use of masks for the duration of classes, maintaining distances between pupils, dedicated routes, hand sanitizing stations, and everything necessary to ensure collective safety.