What is proposed

GAIA proposes the creation of a Two-Sided Digital Twin (DT), capable of acting as a platform for a new era of digital application, fostering the achievement of critical mass in emerging communities in order to facilitate the development, adoption and diffusion of emerging technologies. The Digital Twin represents, for the project, a virtual model of the spatial context from both structural and value and social flows perspectives - i.e., a "cyber-physical-social system with coupled properties" - capable of perceiving the surrounding environment (physical or digital) and updating its counterpart accordingly, planning and simulating changes in the 'surrounding environment (simulations, risk management, cause-effect analysis and identification of mitigation actions in case of social, political, climatic events, etc..), integrate and interact with the socio-economic system of the city understood as a system consisting of people, relationships, value streams, knowledge and creativity of emerging communities.




Research and Development

Operational Plan

D.M. 31/12/2021 Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, D.D. 18/03/2022, Innovation Agreement of 14/12/2022




36 months

Total project value

13.929.316,04 €

Total value for EHT

5.664.999,38 €

EHT Research & Development Revenues

3.090.274,78 €

EHT subsidized financing

1.132.999,88 €


Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica - S.p.A.(Lead Partner)

University of Enna "Kore" (Partner)

EHT S.C.p.A. (Partner)

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