Cloud plAtform and smart underground imaging for natural Risk Assessment

What is clara

There is now a widespread awareness, both in the scientific community and among engineers and practitioners, that the increasing number of findings of the fragility of our territory to natural disruptions is only partly due to the now indisputable effects of climate change, but is also attributable to the ever-increasing anthropogenic pressure to which we subject our host environment (EEA, 2010).

What is proposed

The goal of the CLARA project is to mitigate the effects of hydrogeological disruptions and natural hazards in general, which affect built-up areas. Climate change and progressive anthropization of land have made our cities increasingly vulnerable to natural disasters. CLARA experiments with new ICT technologies for social capacity building to address natural hazards in the urban environment. CLARA places the urban explorer at the center: the human being on the move and perpetually connected to the Internet, whom augmented reality devices not only make constantly informed of what is happening around him, but also allow him to share in real time what he observes.





Operational Plan

Pon national smartcities




64 months

Total project value

18 MLN €

Total value for EHT

592 K €

EHT Research & Development Revenues

215 K €

EHT subsidized financing

348 K €

Revenues for EHT Services

250 K €


EHT S.C.p.A. (Lead Partner)

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University of Catania


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